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  • Unlimited Disk Space
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  • 50GB Disk Space
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  • Free SSL Certificate

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The Most Popular Hosting Provider

  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Domains
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  • $200 AD Credit

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How We Review The Top Canadian Web Hosting Companies

top canadian hosting companiesA lot of web hosting review websites don’t actually use the services that they review. We are different. We are signed up with all of the providers that we feature in our reviews and this means that our reviews are authentic and factual. It’s always better to read a review which a real-life user of a Web hosting service has written. We offer you the real thing so that you can get a real sense of which Toronto Web hosting company is right for you. We’ve been involved in Web design in Canada for over fifteen years. This means that you can count on our team when you need expert advice about Web hosting firms. Also, we do research constantly in order to find and rate the best hosting providers, and the worst, and everything in between! We’ve spent years developing our analytical skills, with a mind to offering visitors the informative reviews that they want and need. Before we review, we check reliability, look at uptime percentages, think about speed and load times, consider features and pricing and also give some thought to customer support and other customer reviews. Then, we create well-rounded reviews which help consumers to find the best deals on the Best Web hosting in Toronto. Thanks for dropping by today. We hope that you enjoy our Web hosting Canada reviews and other relevant content.

Are Canadian Web Hosting Providers Best for Canadians? 

A lot of Canadians go beyond borders when it’s time for them to choose the Best Web hosting providers. They make a beeline for American or International Web host services, from shared hosting to vps to reseller hosting, and cloud probably because many of them advertise aggressively and are known for offering cheap services to their clients. However, there are good reasons to consider The Top Canadian Web Hosting Services. In fact, in many cases, Web hosting which is based in Canada is the smartest choice for Canadians! These days, more and great Web hosting services are based in the Great White North. One example is GreenGeeks Web Hosting. It may be the best Web hosting provider in the country. It’s certainly part of the cream of the crop. This company knows everything about Web hosting, from what cpanel interfaces for website owners are to how WordPress works to the ins and outs of choosing and operating servers. This web hosting review is designed to show you why choosing a national shared hosting service is such a wise decision. Nowadays, many Canadian providers offer plenty of bandwidth, as well as datacenter space. A lot of these companies get great reviews from customers. As well, the cost of accessing such services from highly-rated Canadian provider companies has dropped.

Why Not Support Canadian Hosting Industry?

Canadians should “shop national” whenever they can, as buying from companies in Canada is the key to keeping our national economy thriving. In fact, any time that you can shop Canadian (and access quality services for fair prices from a home country company), you should do so. As well, when you choose a Canadian Web hosting company, you’ll be able to access lower latency, which means that your Web pages will load quickly. This is something that your online visitors will appreciate. However, the benefits of selecting this form of Web hosting don’t stop there.

It’s Good for Local Toronto & Canada SEO

If you’re an online entrepreneur, you probably care about search engine optimization. This is called SEO for short and “going Canadian” when it comes to Web hosting will help you to enjoy better SEO results. While worldwide Google rankings are not going to be impacted one way or the other, based on which Web hosting firm you hire, your local Google search engine rankings will be positively impacted by choosing a Canadian provider, as Google will classify your IP address and domain name as Canadian. Google’s “bots” collect information about companies and they’ll note that your information is Canadian and therefore very relevant to Canadian customers. At present, stats show that forty-three percent of Google queries are made using the local search engine offered by Google. Fifty percent of smartphone searches (or searches on other mobile devices) use the local search engine from Google.

You’ll Avoid DMCA Problems

Web hosting servers in Canada aren’t subject to the same rules as American Web hosting companies. In case you’re unaware, it’s possible for the American Web hosting firms to get raided by FBI if illegal content on their servers is alleged. The problem is that lots of good websites get taken down, along with the allegedly bad apples in the bunch. DCMA takedown requests are issues, too. Web hosting firms in America quite often comply with such requests before their legitimacy has been established. Canadian Web hosting companies don’t have to comply with DCMA takedown requests right away. This means that Canadian companies of this type do have time to establish whether DCMA takedown requests are valid or whether they are not. As well, it’s possible for Canada’s Web hosting firms to take down content which is in contravention of the law, without removing content from law-abiding customers. Lastly, the courts in Canada aren’t known for granting search and seizure orders too often. In fact, they often reject requests for DCMA search and seizure.

Canadian Web Hosting is Affordable

Another benefit of hiring a Canadian company will be access to appealing prices for Web hosting services. It may have been true in past years that American Web hosting services were more affordable. These days, that just isn’t the case. Canadian companies are pricing their services competitively. Since a couple of industry leaders, OVH and PEER1, have expanded, there is a lot more datacenter space in Canada and this has lowered the cost of Web hosting within the country. As well, when you buy Canadian, you’ll get billed Canadian and this means not getting hit with the exchange rate. The American dollar is worth more, so why get billed in USD when you can get billed in Canadian dollars? Also, new government rules mean that any HST you need to pay may be deducted at tax time, via a credit known as the input tax credit.

Going Canadian is Eco-conscious

If you care about the environment and want to be as responsible as possible when it comes to accessing eco-conscious Web hosting, you will find that Canadian services are a fine choice. Canada is in the top three for hydroelectricity production worldwide and this gives the country the opportunity to produce services which are authentically “green”. A couple of the country’s datacenters are renowned for their planet-friendly operations. For example, air conditioning services used at the PEER1 datacentre come from a cooling system at Deep Lake, which is run by Enwave. The frigid Canadian waters make it easy to keep things cool. As well, a cutting-edge datacenter located in the province of Quebec operates solely via the greenest energy source, which is a hydro dam that is very close to the building. It’s innovative, in-house cooling system utilizes power efficiently. As you can see, you won’t have to compromise on environmental responsibility in order to access superior Web hosting services in your home country. You’ll have a variety of providers to choose from, all of which are respected for offering services with minimal carbon footprints.

Choose a Top Canadian Hosting Company Today

web design and seo toronto canadaNow that you understand the benefits of going Canadian, why not find the right Web hosting company today? There’s no downside to choosing a Canadian firm and there are so many advantages, from affordability to local SEO boosts to eco-conscious services and beyond. As well, you’ll find that DCMA issues aren’t as big of a threat when you access the Web hosting services that you need within Canada. Web hosting in Canada has come a long way. It’s now better than ever and offers an array of benefits to Canadian customers. While branching out and hiring an American Web hosting company in Toronto may have made sense in the past, it’s a new era and Canadian companies now offer the lower prices and performance that customers need, as well as superlative customer service. However, all Web hosting companies are not created equal. It’s important to select a respected company with a strong and positive reputation, in Canada and worldwide. If you want to get great services for fair prices, be sure to consider CanSpace. This company offers its clients access to IP addresses which are one hundred percent Canadian. Services are provided via datacenters in Toronto, Canada. You’ll find that there are great Web hosting plans to choose from and finding what’s right for you will be as easy to visiting the official CanSpace website today. The services that you need are at your fingertips. When you choose CanSpace, you’ll access the perks that we’ve talked about here. You’ll be choosing a solid provider company which is known for its professionalism and high-tech, affordable Web hosting services. So, why not hire CanSpace today?

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