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All Web hosting companies are different, although most offer the same roster of services. In general, the best Web hosting provider will be an established company with a lot of experience. iPage has been in business since 1998 and this company is a respected Web host provider company.

Today, we’d like to share more information about iPage. We want webmasters and others to get the inside scoop on exactly how this Web hosting company performs for its clients. This firm earns solid reviews and our Web hosting review is also positive.

If you need vps hosting, reseller hosting, WordPress hosting or shared hosting, in Canada or elsewhere, you may want to put this company on your short list. Its key strength is probably its exceptional customer service, which is delivered to Canadian clients and to clients in other parts of the world.

However, iPage has many other good points and we’d like to share them with you here…

This Company is Reliable

Reliability is a big deal! This is one reason why Web hosting companies usually publicize good “uptime” stats as key selling points. When you choose iPage, you’ll be selecting a company which has a 99.9 percent uptime rate. The company maintains its strong uptime rating due to excellent servers which are very fast and dependable machines.

These servers offer the right level of redundancy and help iPage customers to enjoy quicker load times, as well as barely any interruptions to service. If you want to participate in e-commerce online, you’ll find that this type of dependability helps you to make money. It’s not good to have a virtual storefront which isn’t working, so iPage takes care to ensure that yours will work 99.9 percent of the time.

This is one of the most important features that you should look for from a Web hosting company. An excellent uptime stat is the foundation of dependable service. When a hosting company is dependable, you’ll also project dependability to your own clients.

This Firm Has Great Security Features

In addition to great customer service and uptime reliability, iPage provides a Security Suite which is an exclusive set of security features. When you choose iPage, you’ll be able to access scanning of spam, verification of domains and badges for security. As well, you’ll find that your website is taken care of by a group of servers which are redundant, rather than just one server.

It’s nice to have this type of safety net in place. The more servers, the better. Some companies really don’t have enough servers, but this one does.

So, What About Prices?

Well, this web hosting service is affordable. There is a specific package known as One Price/One Plan, which works well for most people, whether they are running businesses online or running websites or blogs just for the fun of it.

When you choose this package, you’ll access disk space which is unlimited, as well as bandwidth that is unlimited and you’ll also get an email address. Also, you’ll access one domain for free, as well as the Security Suite. As well, you’ll gain access to an online store which doesn’t cost anything, as well as some great add-on perks, including coupons for marketing. Also, you’ll find that setup and activation are amazingly easy.

When you select iPage, you’ll find that it’s a great choice if you’re a newbie. You’ll be able to create your website in about fifteen minutes.

The company’s services are priced competitively and the firm offers the practical and user-friendly features that most people need.

You’ll Love the Control Panel

This company provides its valued clients with a control panel known as the vDeck. It’s a little different than the cPanel which is commonly provided by a lot of other Web hosting companies.

vDeck offers seventy-five services and tools. As well, it will soon be updated to its third version, which will offer a staggering two hundred tools to customers. It’s so easy to manage a website from the vDeck control panel – this is why the hosting company believes in vDeck.

When you utilize vDeck, you’ll be able to cross things off your list of tasks, including the access of support tickets via the Web, billing jobs, account information access and domain management. As well, you’ll find that protection from viruses and spam is built-in. Since it’s so modern, useful and easy to understand, iPage’s vDeck interface makes life easier for website owners.

Access Caring and Professional Support

A great Web host should always offer caring and professional customer support. When you choose this company, you’ll find that it does provide exceptional support, twenty-four hours a day. If you need help, it won’t matter what time it is or what time zone you’re in. Just make contact via email or live chat, or call up the iPage team and get the help and support that you want.

Also, you’ll be pleased to know that this company relies on eco-friendly wind power in order to keep its systems running.

Is iPage Right for You?

Hopefully, this guide will make it easier for you to make a smart decision about whether or not iPage is the right Web hosting service. Since it does offer affordable services with all of the bells and whistles, and earns accolades from many of its loyal customers, it may just be the Web hosting service that you have been waiting for. Feature-packed services will be at your fingertips, along with quick installation, when you do select iPage.

Now that you know more about this popular provider, which is the preferred choice of one million customers, why not check out the official iPage website today? It’s really the best place to sign up for services. Whether you want WordPress management, shared hosting or what have you, you’ll find that this company has what you need and doesn’t charge you an arm and a leg.

Signup for services is quick and easy, so you’ll be able to access hosting in a timely manner.

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